Are you looking for entertainment for an event? Why not try something that most people haven't experienced before? A CAPPELLA! Music that sounds like an entire band with bass, drums, strings, guitar, and so more - but is actually created solely by human voices!

I have a bunch of talented colleagues that I do live a cappella performances with. We can sing all kinds of 5-6-part repertoire, such as Cups, We Will Rock You, Wonderful Copenhagen, Titanium and many more.

Besides myself, my a cappella army consists of these talented singers listed below. If you'd like to know more about the individual singers, check out their websites by clicking their names below the picture.

You can check out this blog post with pictures and video from our latest TV appearance: Midsummer A Cappella at DR Aftenshowet Or maybe you'd like to watch a live recording of Wonderful Copenhagen sung at a sound rehearsal at Visit Carlsberg? 

Prices from 22,500 DKK,-

Feel free to contact me, if you want to know more about possible constellations of a cappella singers, the repertoire - or any other question you may want to ask me 🙂

// Dénise

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David Lustrup Jensen

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Jesper Hagelskær Paasch