I've gathered all of my vocal and a cappella productions in this YouTube playlist. I hope you'll enjoy it!

// Dénise

6 thoughts on “Video

  1. John Biggs Reply

    Denise, I stumbled across your video of Cups/When I’m Gone, and your unique arrangement inspired me to check out other videos of you and your group. Then I listened to your cover of Amazing Grace, and found its similarly unique take on the song truly amazing. I look forward to exploring and listening to other videos of yours.

  2. stockmann Post authorReply

    Hi John. Thank you so much for your kind comment. It really means a lot to me! Best regards, Dénise

  3. Ferco Mascini Reply

    Denise I am here with Roger for the Music Paradigm.
    So sorry you cannot come, I love your work.
    Get well soon!

    • Dénise Stockmann Post authorReply

      Dear Ferco. Thank you so much for your kind comment – that is very sweet of you. I hope you have a great workshop at Aggersvold today! Best wishes, Dénise

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