David Lustrup Jensen (CPH a cappella)

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Choir conductor, beat boxer, vocal arranger, loop station artist & Hammond organist player

David is 26 years old, but since the age of 2, music and singing has been a huge part of his life. He started off as a classical singer in different professional boys choirs and has gradually been moving towards working with the rhythmic music. This change happened when he started playing the piano/keyboard and later on he began singing in a different rhythmic choirs. This led to the study of Musicology at Copenhagen University, where David and Dénise met for the first time. Since both chose to specialize in contemporary choir conducting, they have been meeting each other a lot ever since, but CPH a cappella is actually their first project together. At the moment David is working on his master thesis which focuses on vocal improvisations in groups. He will be graduating in the winter of 2014.

When needed, David functions as an additional bass in CPH a cappella, but his primary function is his beat boxing, which is a huge hobby and a professional passion for him. He uses these skills in most of his work with music including his own music that is composed on a loop station.

Besides CPH a cappella you can experience him as a choir conductor when he is doing concerts with his choirs, as a musician when performing with his band, and as a singer/beat boxer when performing as part of choirs such as Vokalkompagniet.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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