Julian Christian Thiesgaard Kellerman (CPH a cappella)

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Actor & singer

23 years makes Julian the youngest member of CPH a CAPPELLA. He began singing at the age of 8, and luckily he hasn’t stopped ever since. When he doesn’t spend his hours jamming with CPH a CAPPELLA he uses his voice in all kinds of different settings as part of bigger vocal ensembles and show choirs in Copenhagen.

He also uses his voice in combination with his great acting skills working as a dubber and speaker. Actually, he was no more than 2 years old when he was featuring as the Danish voice of a character in the Warner Brothers production Thumbelina. Julian is the son of Lars Thiesgaard, who – amongst many other characters – plays the part of Pumba in Disney’s Lion King. As you can understand, it is not a mere coincidence that Julian has ended up doing speaks and dubbing cartoons.

Julian is the bass of CPH a CAPPELLA, and when you hear him sing, you often get the feeling that he doesn’t have a lower limit : P Besides his singing voice he is also a very neat beat boxer and in general a musically multi talented performer.

Fun fact: Julian is a romantic dude and today he and his girlfriend can celebrate having been together for 8 whole years.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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