Regitze Glenthøj (CPH a cappella)

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Actress, singer


Regitze Glenthøj is a 29-year-old actress and singer from Copenhagen. She was born into a family full of musically talented people, but she is, however, the only one who has been making acting and singing her way of living.

She graduated from The Danish Academy of Musical Theatre in 2009. Her professional career, however, already took off at the age of 17, when she debuted as Liesl in The Sound of Music at The New Theatre. Since then she has been working in various musicals and shows all over Denmark e.g. Beauty & the Beast, Les Misérables, My Fair Lady, Spring Awakening, Chess in Concert, High School Musical – On Stage, White Kentex and the world premiere of Esaura.

In 2011 Regitze starred as a lead singer in the show ‘biZ’ at Wallmans in the beautiful Circus Building in Copenhagen. She has also been a soloist in front of orchestras such as Aalborg Symphony Orchestra and Prinsens Musikkorps.

Regitze’s voice encompasses many styles from jazz to classical, pop to rock and musical theatre to cabaret. Her great passion for singing a cappella and in a choir began when she was only 9 years old, as she was accepted as a member of Children’s Choir of The Royal Danish Academy of Music and The Danish National Girls’ Choir (in which she sang for – hold on – 12 years!).

Like the majority of the CPH a CAPPELLA singers, Regitze is also a keen speaker and voice actress. At the moment she is featuring in the movies Rio 2 playing the part of Linda. Other voice dubbing credits include e.g. the part of Clara in Rio 2, Linda in Rio 1, Nimbim in The Numtums, Nora in House of Anubis and as a singer in Tinga Tinga Tales and Princess Little Fairy & the Unicorn. She is even doing voice acting and singing in different puppet theatre pieces.

Regitze too has a flair for improvisation, which she shows in the comedy series Chapper & Pharfar at DR1 (Danish broadcasting) playing Pharfar’s girlfriend Regitze.


Fun fact:

This year’s Eurovision Song Contest has 37 competing countries. The contestants just recently arrived in Copenhagen, so up until this point, Regitze has worked on the Eurovision stage at B&W as a stand-in singer for countries such as Ireland, Azerbaijan and Romania, so DR was able to do technical rehearsals even without the actual performers. You should also keep an eye on the intro for the 2nd Semi Final on the 8th of May, where Regitze is playing the mother of a 10-year-old girl.




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