Rehearsal files for 8 AIDA shows

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This month I’ve handed in 8 full hours of music. Sandra from CPH a CAPPELLA just got contacted by her former employer that offered her a spot on an AIDA Cruise Ship as part of the show crew. Since the rest of her team is already running rehearsals in Germany, she had ONE WEEK on her to learn 8 shows!!! Despite the fact that she is quite a great sight reader, she hired me to do mp3 rehearsal files for her so she could speed up the learning process. I have now sung and recorded all of her solo and choir parts in every single one of the AIDA shows. I have been doing Elvis choir, Gaga tunes, Mariah Carey ad lib.s, Aretha Franklin soul, and a whooooooole lot of German stuff : P[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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1 thought on “Rehearsal files for 8 AIDA shows

  1. Sandra Reply

    And she did an overwhelming and amazing job – recording it sooooo fast, when they wanted me to do the contract so sudden! I had other jobs at the moment and didn’t have so much time to rehearse, But thanks to Dénise, I was perfectly ready to rehearse and prepared for all the harmonies although there was a lot of material to catch up with. Normally when you have that many shows to learn, it takes a lot of time – but thanks to Dénise I was prepared in one week! 🙂 I can only encourage everyone that has to learn a show(or shows) very fast or you who cannot read sheet music to use this wonderful opportunity which Dénise offers.
    Happy whishes, Sandra

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