TV COMMERCIAL: CPH Metro, Cityringen

In August 2019 we shot this fun commercial for CPH Metro and the new line Cityringen that opened Sunday the 30th of September.

A cappella singers in the commercial: Dénise Stockmann, Sara Ekander Poulsen, Jesper Paasch, Simon Nøiers & David Hendler

The Creative Team

Casting: Stine Brüel, Another Casting Company

Director: Peter Harton

Photography: Jens Maasbøl

Editor: Anders Jon

Creative Director: Kenneth Kaadtmann

Agency: Hjaltelin Stahl

Production Company: Cille Silverwood, Pegasus Productions

Costumes: Jane Whittaker

Annoying a cappella music: Dénise Stockmann

Singers: Simon Nøiers, Jesper Paasch, David Hendler, Sara Ekander Poulsen & Dénise Stockmann

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