Simon Nøiers (CPH a cappella)

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Actor & singer


Music has been a part of Simon’s life since he was a child. Many hours were spent singing with his mom while she played the guitar, and at the age of 12 Simon started to play the guitar as well. He soon found a band that he played with for 10 years.

After graduating High School, Simon worked as a teacher for three years, while he did amateur musical theatre and took acting and singing lessons. In 2004 he got in at The Danish Academy of Musical Theatre, which he graduated from in 2007. Since then he has worked in musicals all over the country. His debut was as the “evil” twin brother Ryan Evans in High School Musical – where he met Sara Poulsen for the first time. He played Ryan Evans again in 2010, where High School Musical 2 won a Reumert (the Danish Tony award) for best Musical.

Besides being on stage and singing in different choirs, Simon is also the Danish voice for many cartoon characters. You can hear his voice in series such as Ultimate Spiderman, Art Attack, Big Time Rush, Best Ed, Phineas & Ferb and Groove High. He is also the Danish speaker on National Geographic Channel.


Fun fact: Simon will be on stage at the ESC finale 2014, playing the guitar in Italy’s contribution, La Mia Citta


Photos: More photos and photographers’ names are present at Simon’s website


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